nVino – Naviz IoT Solution

Naviz Analytics provides an End-to-End IoT Solution. Accelerate your business with Naviz Platform as IoT just got safer, faster and more efficient. Naviz IoT Platform is designed to support customers by connecting any kind of device or sensor to the cloud, and remotely make timely decisions.

This platform has been successfully deployed for customers in the Vineyard Industry, where the remote monitoring of Key Parameters such as Humidity, Soil Moisture, Temperature, Leaf wetness, ph etc. has helped the Vineyard owners take timely decisions and obtain a higher yield. This platform also provides fully automated irrigation mechanism, along with precision based Predictive algorithms to predict a disease outbreak.

IoT Connected Vineyard


  • Low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • Short time to Market
  • It is Self-Managed
  • Integrates with existing devices
  • User defined Alerts through Emails and SMS
  • Predictive Analytics to identify potential Disease outbreak
  • Highly secured End-to-End solution
  • Centralized Monitoring Unit to manage all Vineyards

IoT Solutions Highlights

  • Flexible reporting and statistics
  • Allows prediction and forecasting
  • Open flexible and customizable architecture designed to meet business requirements
  • Improves time to market
  • Saves operational costs and time

Naviz IoT platform provides high value to its customers to reach their imagination, build competitive insights and accelerate their business. Naviz IoT platform ensures high value proposition for its customers with better collection and connection of devices. We will be your first step and the last mile for preparing your business to take advantage of the Internet of Things.