Customer Profile

Advanced Viticulture, Inc. is a wine-growing consulting and vineyard management company that operates with a focus on sustainability. From a philosophy of minimal inputs to the vineyard, but with timely manipulations, we achieve environmental protection while allowing each site’s uniqueness to be expressed in their wines. Reduction of fertilizer and irrigation inputs allows the vineyard’s characteristics to shine through to the wines.

Problem Statement

Typical larger farm operations or management companies (viticulturists, vineyard managers or growers) typically have many systems that require constant monitoring and are difficult to manage. Growers need to gather all their data in one place so they can make decisions- but with about 7 or 8 different systems, it’s impossible to bring together everything into a single Dashboard.

Naviz Solutions

Naviz Analytics DataHarvester platform helps you harvest your data, right along with your crops. Based on all the industry standards for Ag farm data and sensors, Naviz has pre-integrated connectors that can automatically connect to your farm data and bring it all together into one Dashboard. With our real time data integration, we can report on your sensor data 24/7 and monitor key crop conditions with alerts and notifications that you can configure. All your data flows real time so you can see all your farm operations at a glance and quickly identify where action is needed.

Turn farm data into realtime Decision Ag.

Real-Time Dashboard + Your Sensor Data = 24/7 On-Farm Reporting Dashboards

  • Soil moisture monitoring
  • Weather station reporting
  • Plant water stress – sap flow sensors
  • Manual field readings – phenological data
  • Irrigation equipment controls


  • WSU, UC Davis and CalPoly developed reliable crop models driven by data to detect and diagnose plant disease accurately.
  • All your historical data is maintained, stored and made accessible from the cloud.
  • Microsoft Azure AI & Machine Learning learns predictive management from your farm data.
  • Data visualization to make easy-to -understand report results.
  • Configurable Alerts & Notifications to help scale operations and only monitor the blocks or fields that need close monitoring.


” I’m really excited behalf of advanced viticulture to work with companies established in as forward thinking is Naviz they have done great job in developing our portal, that’s why we look forward to additional relations with them in developing more opportunities for our company and for that company as well. “

Mark Greenspan

Ph.D., CPAg, CCA President and Viticulturist – Advanced Viticulture, Inc.

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