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With the help of Naviz BI and Analytics Platform, we provide you a Legal Analytics solution which will provide insight to your eDiscovery, view process and contract management . Our solution helps you to reduce cost, improve efficiency, litigations. With the practical perspective of years in the industry, we significantly cut clients eDiscovery costs while improving the quality of their eDiscovery process. To bring the best solution in the market, we have partnered with Microsoft to provide you best technology and in domain side and leading legal service provider to give you the best legal analytics.

We help Identify and remediate legal and compliance risk associated with information and technology to ensure deep integration with disciplines inside and outside of legal around varied data sources by leveraging industry leading methodologies and techniques to address the specific fact pattern of your matter.

Solution Highlights

We help to provide End-to-End eDiscovery Insights including Data Integration from Multiple eDiscovery Systems, Application/Data/Role level security, Early Case Assessment Analysis, Document Review Analysis, Produced Document Analysis and Business Spend Analysis.

We also provide solutions regarding Document Processing Analysis, Processing Phase Data Reduction Analysis, Rapidly analyse and gain insight into large document, Cost Consuming, Ensure accurate processing of data, Meet the demands of regulatory inquiries efficiently and provides strategic consultation on litigation

What Our Customers Say

  • “ We have been working with Naviz Analytics team for more than two and a half years on data analytics and integration platform for the eDiscovery system to pull data from multiple source system. The Naviz team is super agile. We have a real reception from our customers using this platform. Thanks to Naviz team.”
    Chris Dahl,VP of Product Development and Consulting (Lighthouse eDiscovery)

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