Free Trial Offer for new users of nVino Dashboards, the new Vineyard and Viticulture platform that takes all of your farm data and puts it in a single dashboard. Naviz Analytics has developed industry connectors that can gather data from your applications, or import it from Excel files or any other source. We make it easy to understand at a glance what actions are needed for your vineyard manager, viticulturist or irrigation specialist or PCA.

nVino Dashboards for all of your farm data is only $199 per month, with no limit on the number of sensors or devices. Your trial is 100% Risk-Free, as we don't even require a credit card to start. All you need to do is inventory your different sources of farm data:

  • Weather Station Data, like Accuweather or other local providers
  • Eto Data (CIMIS)
  • Irrigation Data
  • Telemetry Data
  • Soil Moisture from Sensors
  • Growing Degree Days

We can set up a prototype in a few hours with our Naviz Connectors to gather up information on a 24/7 Real time reporting basis. Alerts and Notifications can be created from a single platform so you only need to monitor the system when thresholds (boundary conditions) are exceeded.

As your needs grow, you can also add more data sources and sensors to complete your farm data needed for water stress management (deficit irrigation) disease control and yield prediction.

Every Piece Of Land Has A Story To Tell. Listen with nVino Dashboards.

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