IoT and Sensors

IoT era just stared, but we are already feeling the pain by having too many sensors and too many logins & data ownership – Naviz lets you manage centrally

Automatically collect data from any source

Break free and leverage the most flexible network of integrated technologies in agriculture.

Pick Your Technology

One too many apps or dashboards? Pre-integrated technologies from Ag’s best companies enable you to select the solutions that fit your specific needs on one unified dashboard without worrying about managing complex data.

  • Soil moisture
  • Irrigation equipment & pumps
  • Weather stations
  • Crop protection records
  • Manual field readings

Automatically Collect Data

From real time irrigation data to long term weather forecasts; Naviz automatically manages the data connections and information is collected continually without any technical gymnastics.

  • Fully automated data collection
  • No grower setup required
  • Data is fully backed-up and secure
  • Data is shareable with advisors

Unleash Your Potential

Naviz crushes big data into actionable information specific to your farm. Data directly from your systems is finally integrated to unlock significant increases in productivity and profitability.

  • Agronomics
  • Irrigation
  • Weather
  • Control

Simplify your data management

Naviz’s powerful platform allows you to manage all your ag data in one place, simply.


The Naviz is home to all your farming information. The customizable dashboard enables you to focus on your important information while we track conditions, alerting you of important changes as they happen.

  • Customizable dashboards
  • Easy to use data views
  • Crop and field data
  • Pump/valve control

Easy Data Management

Naviz automatically manage your data simply and efficiently. We’ll setup your data and walk you through adding new information to your dashboards. Once setup, your data is automatically updated for you.

  • Dedicated customer on-boarding
  • In-field and remote user support
  • Naviz built electronic ranch maps
  • Authorised access to your data

Powerful Features

Sometimes you need to get into the proverbial weeds. Naviz supports you by providing data analytics and interactive chart that help you spot and adjust to trends that affect your crops.

  • User defined management boundaries
  • Advanced charting capabilities
  • Chart and widget data groupings
  • Data exports

Turn your data into decisions

And grow your best crops ever.


Data directly from the technology on your farm powers analytics, management information, alerts and forecasts that enable your entire team to significantly increase your productivity and profitability.

  • Weather forecasts
  • Pump/valve control
  • Disease and pest models
  • Crop models
  • Set complex alerts

Built-in Models

Naviz delivers university developed and grower trusted crop and diseases models driven by data directly from your farm. Don’t rely on generic models, Naviz delivers real information for your farm operation.

  • Chill Hours/Heat Hours
  • Growing degree days
  • ET/PET/ETc
  • Bloomcast
  • Dozens of disease models

Optimize Inputs

Naviz helps our growers benefit from an average of 10% water and energy savings while improving their yields and crop consistency which can increase net profit by 25%.

  • Charts
  • Graphs
  • Infographics
  • Predictions
  • Forecast


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