Our Goal

Most growers are using technology and data in ways that many industries do not. Point solutions and device manufacturers have exploded in growth over the past 5 years and we see a lot of unused solutions sitting on the shelf or in a shed.

More importantly, the very devices that were supposed to make you more productive are only taking more of the most precious resource you have- time. Time to be focusing on weather conditions, disease conditions, irrigation and when to fertilize. You don’t want solutions that promise the world and make it MORE difficult to use the data.

The Naviz Analytics approach is to start with the data and investments you have already made and start with a low cost, simple platform that can be extended as you grow your operations. We have developed connectors to all of your leading device and data providers, so we can simply bring your data- from their systems- into your nVino platform so that all of your farming data is in one place. Tracking on 8 different apps on your phone? nVino simplifies that process and brings it all together in one solution so that our real time data platform can analyze and alert you to conditions that require a closer examination. Our goal is simple- to make the insights simple to understand, easy to take action on and powerful in adding new capabilities or reports as needed. 24/7 data monitoring isn’t a new feature- its the basic foundation of what we do.

Once you have your data and platform under control, we work with you to establish the next steps in devices and sensors to fill in the gaps. These are typically low vigor or more disease prone blocks that require more constant monitoring. The nVino platform integrates with all the major device manufacturers and platforms like Ranch, Campbell Scientific, Davis and others. We integrate specific soil moisture sensors like AquaCheck, Syntek and Decagon to provide you with a complete range of solutions.

Then, when the data is working for you- instead of the other way around- you will get the ROI you want and the ability to start saving labor costs, water and irrigation costs and reduce the application of pesticides with early detection.

How we Innovate

Data Driven, Affordable, Scalable IoT Solutions

In recent years, as the promise of Smart Agriculture and IoT has delivered major innovations, the actual cost and complexity of these devices and systems has made it cost prohibitive for the average grower. Multiple closed systems that don't communicate or share information require multiple logins to multiple devices- all adding to the complexity for the farmer.
Our goal is simple. At Naviz, we start with the customer's perspective and develop Analytics solutions that can aggregate your data and reduce the complexity of all of these data "silos", making it easy to visualize at a glance what is happening in the field.
The Naviz approach is to take a problem and solve it with an end-to-end solution that includes Devices, Sensors and Software. The solution also needs to include the telemetry, where devices can connect in a mesh network that functions where cell towers are few and far between.
We also believe in open platforms, that are scalable and extensible and that can grow to fit your needs. That way you can track the micro-climate conditions that are not only unique to your fields, but eve to the particular block and row if needed.
Our focus is to develop safe, scalable technology and data practices that can be leveraged for multiple purposes, across different locations and industries.

Finally, our goal is to make the technology solutions accessible to everyone- not just the big farming operations. With our unique subscription based model, we can tailor the final integrated solution to what you need, based on the coverage and your acreage. Of course, any solution should support for your devices and software as well. Everything is included in the monthly subscription cost per device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I own my Data
Data privacy law only protects your personal data. However, our customers own and retain control over their personal and farm data. We document this in our customer contracts in our terms and conditions. We also don't give personal or farm data to a third party without your consent.
Who can see my Data
Anyone that you give access to your nVino Dashboard can see your data. For example, you might choose to give access to your Viticulturist or Agronomist. Our engineers and data scientists can also see your data, as we are constantly studying it to see where we can improve our algorithms.
Is my Data Secure
As a customer of Naviz Analytics, your data is housed in our cloud hosted by Microsoft Azure, an enterprise-grade platform with high availability and best practice security protocols. We store data in the same country it is collected in. Naviz retains full responsibility for the management of this platform, including data quality control.
How do you work with Researchers?
Trusted publicly-funded research organisations who have signed a confidentiality agreement with Naviz Analytics have access to data we collect. It is used to help create new knowledge that can benefit growers. Any new intelligence is built into our data platform to enhance our analytics and predictions.

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