Real Time Farm Monitoring & Analytics

nVino Systems was founded in 2016 by Naviz Analytics to deliver wireless solutions for field monitoring and control in agricultural and environmental applications.

nVino was developed from the beginning as an open platform, unique in terms of breadth and modularity of the possible solutions. From a single cellular node monitoring a single environmental measure, all the way to sophisticated farm-wide networks with real-time wireless monitoring and control of the entire growing and irrigation cycle, nVino can be scaled to your needs. Our core focus is on the agricultural market, with a specialization in Viticulture. Because of our robust wireless mesh network, remote monitoring under rugged off-grid conditions is no problem.

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Optimizing Yield & Quality

Combined with Plant Sensor devices, nVino can also guide farmers about plant stress and how to optimize yield using various scientific methods based on your micro-climate data.

Real-Time Monitoring

We work with viticulturists to support sustainable viticulture with more uniformly productive grapevines regardless of their location in your micro-climate. By using a data-driven approach to irrigate, fertilize and harvest based on real-time data, our AI engine monitors environmental conditions for disease and alerts you when there is a high probability for disease conditions.

Reduce Labor Cost

It’s expensive to constantly monitor your field conditions manually. Records can be lost or destroyed, and it’s not always obvious to know when to take action.

Because AI is embedded into nVino, it understands and consolidates all your sensor data into a single platform. It generates alerts and notifies farmers and vineyard managers wherever they are so to take actions accordingly.

Everything you want to measure is in one place

Many solutions in Smart Agriculture require multiple logins to multiple systems and need you to continually gather data from different “silos” that don’t provide the complete picture. Imagine all your historical environmental, weather and soil moisture data in one place! That’s why we call nVino precision viticulture.

Devices, Telemetry, Analytics all Built on Microsoft Azure

nVino Smart Viticulture includes all the devices, mesh network and hub to collect data from your sensors. nVino is a complete, end-to-end solution that combines our proprietary nVino Data Visualization platform with the Microsoft Azure AI platform.

The Data Comes to You

Most smart agriculture solutions require you to gather and interpret the data continuously. Instead of chasing the data and managing your technology, nVino brings the data to you through alerts and notifications that can be tracked on your mobile device or your desktop.

Alerts and Notifications

Smart Irrigation

nVino is the “brain” for your Smart Viticulture platform. The nVino system can help understand historical trends combined with real-time telemetry data and sets the boundary conditions to trigger alerts and notifications when limits are exceeded.