Covid-19 Data Dashboard

Covid-19 Data Dashboard

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Covid-19 Data Dashboard

Data Democratisation

ZANUS enables Data Citizens to run data experiments at scale and build insightful stories.

Build the Data Culture

Build the Data Culture

We help Chief Data and Analytics Officers in building Data-driven organizations by fixing the data literacy.

We are a proud partner of Microsoft

We are aligned with Microsoft Cloud Strategy​

Are you ready for data-driven transformation?

Data for everyone

Naviz Zanus empowers data citizens to explore data at scale, generate visual insights, and build data stories.

IoT and Data & Analytics solutions

Amplify your business results with our industry solutions using IoT, sensors, data, and predictive analytics.

Grow Data-driven Culture

Our leadership engagement program CODEX, helps in building data-driven culture in organizations from grounds up.

Our Signature Solutions are architected to accelerate the business.

From capturing data through Telemetry devices to obtaining Analytical insights, Naviz provides you all the solutions you need.​

Legal eDiscovery
Document Analytics

Advanced Sensor
Integrated Solution

Cannabis Grower
Processing Analytics

We walk the

extra mile

for you

We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions that are tailor-made for you and your customers. We walk that extra mile for you by offering customizations on your existing solutions like providing connectivity to a New Data provider or Custom Branding or adding a new feature. We ensure that we listen to your customers and help them innovate and improve in each step of their journey.

Customer Testimonials​​

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Chris Dahl

VP of Product Development and Consulting (Lighthouse eDiscovery)
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Kevin Gorman

CEO: ThingBlu
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Mark Greenspan

Ph.D., CPAg, CCA President and Viticulturist - Advanced Viticulture, Inc.
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Shyam Gunnamreddy

CEO, Samhitha Crop Care Clinic

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