Build the Culture of Data Experience

CODEX helps Chief Data and Analytics Officers to build data-driven organization

What is CODEX?

CODEX is the strategic engagement program of Naviz Analytics, wherein we work with Chief Data and Analytics Officers (CDAO) to build the culture of data experience from the ground up. The program offers capabilities to assess the current state of data culture, build a data literacy program, address data democratization needs, and provide data advisory services.

Sneak-peak into the data-driven cultures

A data-driven organization culturally treats data as a strategic asset and builds capabilities to use data to make business decisions. Successful organizations invest their energy in building enterprise data strategy, enabling front lines on data proficiency, and democratizing data to build culture of data experience. Leadership plays an important role in evangelizing data and demystifying the organizational processes.

But, are organizations data-driven?

The study done by New Vantage Partners reveals that only 24% organizations have been able to build data culture and 92% Chief Data Officers consider culture, people, and business processes as the top challenges to be a data-driven organization. The cultural resistance to data-driven transformation initiatives is, by and large, due to the organizational misalignment, change management, broken communication, and lack of data skills.

How CODEX works?

At CODEX, we specialize in building “Culture of Data Experience” by following Measure, Map, Build, and Monitor framework.

Measure the state of data culture

We run focused data culture maturity assessments to capture the voice of different persona within the organization.

Map the current state to the desired mindset

We analyse the responses captured during the data culture maturity assessments and run executive read-out sessions for the leadership responsible to build data-driven culture.

Build the Data Culture Roadmap

The data literacy program, aims to make “data” personas proficient on the usage of data. We empower front lines with Naviz Data products to explore data at their comfort.

Data Culture is a journey, not a race

We periodically run flash surveys to capture the true Voice of Data Culture and pass them through NLP analysis layer to monitor the maturity of Data Culture over time.

How to engage?

Please reach us out at to kick off the conversation.

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