Cannabis Grower &

Processing Analytics​

Customer Profile

Serving the cannabis/hemp industry, ThingBlu provides leading edge technology to turn your data into Business Intelligence. A cloud-based platform solution that provides Workflow Management and Data Management tools that offers owners & managers operational visibility and control. Visibility of all employee tasks, associated data generated, as well as the ability to communicate and share this data with other systems.  Real time key operational performance insights leading to better workflow efficiency, better visibility and better margins.

Problem Statement

This Customer is seeking for Data Warehousing services, management of the data warehouse on ThingBlu’s Azure servers and the implementation of prudent data management services. Build a easy-to-maintain Extraction, Transformation and Load (ETL) processes, standard data management and security functions.

Naviz Solutions

Cannabis Industry is a highly regulated industry with strict laws on how the plants should be grown, transported, processed & sold. To ensure that due diligence is followed the employees in this industry need to be highly skilled & efficient. ThingBlu had built a solution for the Cannabis Growers & Processers with which the employee tasks, work efficiency, quality of yield & Cost could be tracked meticulously. ThingBlu had utilized Naviz’s Data Visualization engine to fetch API data from 3rd party agencies, combine it with Employee Timesheets, Operational costs & the Yield. Reports built on this data provided insights such as how to optimally utilize the existing workforce, identify factors that are affecting the yield quality etc.

Real-Time Dashboard + Detailed Workforce Productivity Reports showing:

  • Number of tasks completed by employee
  • Time taken per task
  • Cost per Order
  • Status of each Order
  • Labor cost by order/day/week
  • Cost performance analysis

Operational Efficiencies

  • Employee tasks clearly assigned
  • Times/weights auto calculated
  • Errors significantly reduced
  • Easy-to-read reports & dashboards
  • Employees accountable
  • Workflow improved
  • Cost/Performance analysis
  • Better use of manager time
  • Employees working faster


” The Naviz partnership for ThingBlu has been instrumental in enabling us to deliver unique solution set to the indoor agricultural industry their partnership has enabled us to develop a solution and deliver it a timeframe much shorter than we would on our own, so is an example we have taken advantage of visualisation. “

Kevin Gorman

CEO: ThingBlu

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