Naviz is the only cloud-native platform built from the ground up to empower and equip people and teams with data—helping you harness the full value of your digital systems.

Naviz accelerates your digital transformation

Empower Teams

Hands-on approach on data and analysis for every individual.

Connect Cloud Platforms

Securely connect and normalize data from many sources.

Solve Problems Faster

Work in real-time by creating a single unified view of data.

Overcome The Silo Effect

Create shared KPIs across team boundaries.

Optimize and Maximize your business and Accelerate the growth

Once your data is consolidated with Naviz, people and teams can work together with shared KPIs and get to insights faster than ever.

Get immediate real-time streaming insights

Visualize raw data from across your organization to make it actionable, so you can get to insights faster.

  • Explore the data and uncover deep insights by visualizing raw data from across your organization.
  • Achieve faster page load times for millions of rows with real-time views of data.
  • Highly customizable visual layouts for data analysis using intuitive controls like color, text and images.
  • Visualize and track your KPIs on any device from anywhere.

Make Powerful decisions

Use Naviz’s predictive analytics to make powerful business decisions and stay one step ahead in your business.

  • Get notified instantly when KPIs deviate from your threshold by setting up customized.
  • Get instant response in chat bots for all your questions asked in natural language.
  • Naviz’s deep learning and descriptive statistics module continuously monitors your data to show correlations, summaries and more, further giving you automatic insights.

Create a unified view of data across your business

Naviz consolidates the fragmented data spread across different platforms into one single central view, making it feasible for people and teams to use. The ease and flexibility to connecting data with Naviz has enabled our customers to see an average 434% ROI on their digital transformation investments.

Take Control of Data Residing anywhere in the organization

Link, merge and access your data with Naviz as the hub between all your systems.

  • Connect live data from all your cloud platforms using our collection of over 1,000 prebuilt connectors.​
  • Ingest data from on-premises systems, flat files, or proprietary systems.​
  • Send data from Naviz back to your source systems with bi-directional connectors.
  • Query data directly from where it’s hosted with data federation, so your sensitive data doesn’t need to leave your firewall.

Transform, normalize and standardize your data

  • The inbuilt drag-and-drop ETL interface in the Naviz platform allows you unification of data from all your systems.
  • Combine and enhance data from multiple sources and visually sequence them without SQL expertise.
  • Quickly join MySQL, Redshift, CSV, Excel and hundreds of other data sources.
  • Keep your data current by making use of the default logical application every time your dataset is updated.
  • Write custom queries and data science actions directly in Naviz.